Shiny Healthy Hair!! DIY Aloevera hair mask!!

I want to share a herbal/DIY hair mask i use and it helps make my hair shiny and they feel healthier afterwards!!

Let’s get started.

You need two ingredients
1.  Aloe vera gel
2.  An Egg

Here’s the gist: You blend them up. Put it in your hair, rinse and you’re good to go.

Now the details.

Aloevera is known for its health related benefits. Its widely used in making burn medicines & cosmetics. I don’t think you can find aloevera in vegetable markets in Pakistan but you can easily find them in a plant nurseries and bring it home, plant it in the same pot or somewhere else. Its a succulent plant so it doesn’t need much care & grows easily & quickly in your kitchen garden.

Aloevera leaves

Aloevera leaves

I just took some leaves from the aloevera plant in my kitchen garden.

You need to peel off the skin of aloevera carefully. We only need the gel inside the leaves for hair.

You can see the thornes on the side of the leaf.

You can see the thorns on the side of the leaf.

So the side has thorns on it. That’s where you want to start to peel off the skin. First
peel off this side and then peel the rest like you peel an apple or other fruits or veggies.

See? Like this.

See? Like this.

Collect the gooey jelly in a bowl. The quantity you need depends on the length and thickness of your hair. After you’re done it should look something like this.

Gooey Aloevera jelly :-p

Gooey Aloevera jelly :p

Then put it in the blender. Add an egg.and blend away. Blend till the mixture is smooth.

Blending away

Blending away. Approximately 3/4 cup aloevera jelly and one egg.

2016-01-28 013

Here it is after blending.

So after this, just put it thoroughly in your hair and leave it in your hair for 2-4 hours and rinse away. Your hair will look so much shinier after use.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Wash with luke warm water.
  2. Wash thoroughly so that no residue is left behind
  3. Make sure the mixture is smooth after blending because if not the aloevera particles may be there in your hair after washing.
  4. Condition your hair with a conditioner after washing with shampoo to make them super soft and shiny.
  5. It might get a bit messy and gooey all over when you are peeling the aloevera skin so bear with it :p

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