The random blogpost..

coverI woke up and just really wanted to write a blog post. I tried to come up with quite a few ideas but all of them required some pictures, some editing, some searching the web for pictures and info and blah blah but lets face it, I’m lazy . These are some of the few topics i wanted to write about

  1. Fashion advice about how you should totally have some items of basic colours like blue, black and brown in you wardrobe.
  2. Some books I like.
  3. A DIY face mask i absolutely love.
  4. A skincare product i keep goingback for and a few others

but i figure i’ll write about this stuff later. For now, just a little something about stuff I’ve been up to

1. The book I read

Ever since I remember, I’ve loved reading books but from a past year or two I haven’t been reading much. I guess its just more convenient to watch a tv show or a youtube video when you have time. I had kind of forgotten what it felt to actually read a good book. I tried a few books but lost interest in them a few pages into the book. Anyways, I kept reading these random quotes form Eleanor and Park popping here and there randomly on my instagram so i decided to read it.

eleanor and park

Cheesy quotes like this

And did I like the book? I frikkin LOVED it. I’m not going to go into details why I loved it. Sometime later maybe. I really want to write a book review

2. The model I like

I’m not really into fashion magazines or stuff. Nor do i read vogue, elle or any magazine like that. But if there is a model i like. It’s Adriana Lima. 34, Mum of two and on top of her game. As she says in one of her instagram posts. I have read quite a few of her interviews and stuff and I like her personality. Plus she works really hard to stay in shape and puts such hard work into her workouts.


and she’s really pretty.

3. The Book I want to read.


4. The Youtube channel i like

Pewdiepie. Need I say more?Those who know about his channel will understand.




So that’s all folks. My random rant is over.


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