Little Big Habits for a Happy Heart!!

As much as i didn’t want to do this, I’ve been following a weird routine and sort of completely messed up my sleeping and eating habits.

I’ve been thinking of trying to get back on track(as i would like to call it). So I’m setting these little goals for myself which i believe would make me feel better.

These are really general goals everyone can incorporate in their daily routine and they would help you feel more active and hopefully, happier.

1. Sleep a little more

Sleep a tad bit more. Go to bed half an hour earlier than I usually do.


2. Drink more water

i have hardly been drinking 3-4 glasses of water daily this winter. My skin feels a lot drier than before. So one of the goals is to drink atleast ten glasses of water daily.

3. Drink tea

I’m not a tea drinker. But i think a cup of tea would be a nice addition to the day. Seriously need to cut back on my coffee intake.

4. Eat more salad

This is not easy for me. But this needs to happen more often.

5. Workout

Very important. So the goal is to walk atleast 3 kms daily.

How boring is this post? *Yawn*



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