Conatural’s Restorative Eye Gel

It had been quite a while that I had been looking for an eye cream that felt safe and mild enough to use. Almost all eye creams available in Islamabad are for 30+ skin. Although, the sales girls tried their  best to sell it saying we should start taking anti aging measures really early on to prevent signs of aging but I just didn’t feel like using those eye creams. It just didn’t feel safe to use them.

I searched for DIY eye creams online and i found a really affordable and effective recipe. You might already know about it. Coconut oil and Vitamin E. I used it for quite sometime and it worked wonders. But the oil sometimes gets into your eyes and irritates your eyes a bit. I’ll share the recipe in detail and how to use it in another separate post sometime later. Anyways, I stopped using it due to some reasons.

So I had been looking for an eye cream and came across this Restorative Eye gel by Conatural. Let me list down the reasons why I decided to get it

  1. I loved the quirky, colourful packaging.
  2. It said it’s suitable for age 18 and above.
  3. Its all natural.
  4. Its made of some ancient Indian ingredient Madder/Manjistha(which i later read online is an extract of the henna plant) and aloevera (You know I love aloevera, right).
  5. It cost around PKR 1,000 something. So around 10-11 Dollars. 30 ml of products(which is a LOT of eye creams since you only need very little product around your eye area).
  6. And this little sentence “Our product is made with love and fresh ingredients” was the cherry on top. SOLD.

I bought it around in May and have now been using it for around 4 months. The product claims that it’s an ancient ayurvedic formulation for dark circles, puffy eyes and fatigue removals. And it lives up to it. It really does helps my eyes a lot less puffy and fresher. I don’t know if it affected my dark circles but it didn’t make them worse. I rub my eyes quite a lot although i try not to so I can’t tell if the product worked regarding dark circles.

The under eye area is very fragile and sensitive so keeping it moisturized is very important. My eye area does feel hydrated and moisturized ever since I started using the eye gel. I wanted something to prevent my skin around the eyes from getting wrinkles and even though the product doesn’t explicitly say that it helps with wrinkles, I think if it’s helping it stay hydrated, it will help it not to develop wrinkles as well. So in short, this product gets five put of five stars. I’ve been using it for quite some time and I’ve only used up half of the products in the little bottle so good value for money.

It comes in a little pump bottle so its very convenient and hygienic to use. The product inside stays all clean and spill free.cropped

Also, I am all about promoting local industry. Conatural is a Pakistani Brand and love their philosophy of producing beauty products that are all natural and organic. I am very skeptical about using local brands as well as companies often compromise on quality to get their sales up or making products more affordable. But I really loved this product and felt like giving it a good review. You can read about them on their website. Click here to access it. You can buy their products online. If you want to buy the gel click on the link below:


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