Firefly lamp..

I always struggle with choosing the right words and sentences to start a blogpost but I think I’ve got this one right in the  bag:


Here it is:


It looks cute, doesn’t it?

I don’t know if you like it or not but I love it a whole lot. I feel like it looks like there are fireflies trapped in the jar. I also use words like ‘aesthetically pleasing’ to describe its beauty :p .

I’m guessing you would like to know how i made this lamp too.

Here are the items you would need:

  • A Jar
  • A string of fairy lights

I found this jar in a local shop with this vintage looking lid and i really liked it.

So all I did was put the fairy lights inside the jar and closed the lid. The string’s really thin so you shouldn’t encounter any problem closing the lid.

Happy DO-IT-Yourself-ing to you 🙂

Oh and I got the inspiration to make this lamp from pinterest(as far as i remember). Here is the picture i found that made me search for a jar to make this lamp.

And here are a few more pictures of the lamp again because I’m kinda obsessed with it (if you can’t tell already :p).



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