Conatural’s Restorative Eye Gel

It had been quite a while that I had been looking for an eye cream that felt safe and mild enough to use. Almost all eye creams available in Islamabad are for 30+ skin. Although, the sales girls tried their  best to sell it saying we should start taking anti aging measures really early on to prevent signs of aging but I just didn’t feel like using those eye creams. It just didn’t feel safe to use them.
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makeup at the end of the day?

i think most of the girls like makeup( Now there’s an assumption *says to self* *rolls her eyes*). So yeah, I think most girls use some form of makeup. Eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss? What’s your favourite makeup item?

Makeup can surely make you feel fresher and cuter or whatever but how many of us realise taking off makeup at the end of the day is just as important? Answer: It’s very important. Your skin needs to be clean, breathe, repair itself at night. So taking your makeup off is very important indeed.

I am going to share what i usually do to take off my makeup. The routine can be quite time taking sometimes and i would skip some steps but in a perfect world this would be my makeup removing routine everyday.

1) Cleaning eye makeup using bioderma and cotton pads
2) Cleansing face with a cleansing milk and olive oil or a cleansing oil
3)Cleaning skin again with a cleansing milk
4) Washing it with a face-wash.
5)Applying a toner and moisturizer afterwards.

i try to do this twice or thrice a week, thorough cleansing, if i wear makeup everyday. but even if i do wear makeup frequently sometimes laziness gets the best of me and sometimes i use bioderma all over my face or mix olive and cleansing milk and combine steps 2 and 3.

You can use the products that work best for you or that make your skin feel better. After much trial and error, the product I use nowadays include bioderma sensibio micelle solution, borges extra virgin olive oil, olay essentials conditioning milk and clean and clear exfoliating daily wash.

bioderma         facewash

I loosely built this makeup cleansing regime around this video by Lisa Eldridge. She shares some awesome tips in this video.

Hope you liked the post!! 🙂

July favourites!!

these two products are worth trying…

1. Maybelline New York Dream fresh BB cream

2. Bioderma makeup removing micelle solution


These products have very quickly become two of my favourite products. Maybelline dream fresh BB cream is simply amazing. Super moisturizing, comes in a variety of shades, moderate coverage, doesn’t make your skin look oily and doesn’t feel heavy on skin. Highly recommended for use in this humid summer weather 🙂

Bioderma is absolutely wonderful when it comes to removing eye makeup and removes makeup without the need to rub your eyes and neither does it make the skin oily or overdry. Very effective for removing mascara.

I am thinking of doing a review about them soon in shaa Allah..

do you have any products that are your favourite? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Maybelline Falsies Volume Express Mascara!!

So as my first post i thought i should post about a product i love..

maybelline falsies 1maybelline falsies 2

I like tanya burr’s tutorials on youtube and she absolutely loved maybelline falsies volume express mascara so i thought to try it.

This is how the product is described in on the UK website of maybelline:



Why You’ll Love It

• False lash glam, instantly!
• Our pro-keratin formula and spoon brush fans out lashes from corner-to-corner. • Suitable for contact lens wearers.
• Also available in Waterproof .

For Best Results

Hold brush with spoon side upwards against lashes and sweep from root to tip. Repeat until desired look is achieved. Do not let dry between coats.

And i must say i totally love it…it gives a really nice look to your lashes and makes them look super thick and heavy compared to lashes without any mascara…
My main concern while using a mascara is that it should be smudge proof as i wash my face multiple times in the day for praying. The weather in summers in Pakistan is also very hot. this mascara is completely smudge proof and u can wear it all day long without any worrying about smudging or re-applications.

It’s price is also reasonable considering the quality of product and prices of mascaras of other brands which are smudge proof. Its is worth $ 7.99 US dollars which is approximately equal to 816 pakistani rupees.

I haven’t tried many mascara of other brands but other brands that offer mascaras with similar qualities are more expensive as i have observed. for example l’oreal, bourjois paris etc. I haven’t tried them so i cant vouch if this maybelline mascara is better or worse than them :p

i have had it for a few months and so far it hasnt dried or anything. I wan tto add a tip here for keeping your liquid makeup fresh and usable for longer. I store my liquid makeup and nail polishes in the refrigerator. It helps makeup to last longer and protects it from sunlight. This is a useful tip as the weather and humidity keep changing in Pakistan throughout the year.

However i have noticed that maybelline falsies express volume mascara would work better if you already have naturally thick/heavy/long eyelashes. My eyelashes are light and short in length. So this mascara doesn’t quite look like i have fake eyelashes on but it would definitely do the trick if u already have thick eyelashes.

I think that’s enough information about this mascara :p. If I summarize my views about it then i would say,again, that i love this product and it provides value for money 🙂