Another product I Love + What to do about oily hair?

Since I am posting about products that I love and trust. Here comes another one!! I had been thinking about a product i would like to post about and I don’t think this is a product I should leave out. It seems like an ordinary everyday use product but i have some tips that work for my hair so keep on reading.So head and shoulders shampoo and conditioner are one of my favourite products. I have been using it ever since i stopped using baby shampoo as a toddler i guess.

I had very silky and straight hair as a child sothis worked just fine. However as i grew up I wanted to try out different shampoos and conditioners. Somehow, I always ended up having dandruff or dry hair or oily hair when i used any other shampoo and always switched back to head and shoulders.

I am going to agree. It doesn’t make your hair extra smooth or soft or anything. It just leaves your hair as they are naturally. Clean and dandruff free.

Its been a year or two that i have been struggling with oily hair. I dont like washing my hair everyday. It strips the hair of its natural oils and makes them look dry and lifeless. If i use shampoos fit for oily hair my hair end up looking extremely dry. If i use a conditioner after the shampoo it make my hair super oily in one day. so it had been a question of soft or clean hair for me. However i Did find a little solution. If i use conditioner on hair before washing my hair with shampoo and wash the hair with regular shampoo after rinsing off the conditioner it makes my hair soft and moisturized with making them super oily a few hours after the wash.

I must say i don’t really know what my hair type is? As i said before they become oily a day after washing but if i use shampoos for oily hair they become dry and weak. I believe in using the as minimum amount of chemicals on my hair as i can so i haven’t tried out any dry shampoos neither do i know of any good ones available in Pakistan. Do you think dry shampoo is the answer? or not? Let me know in the comments 🙂 .