Earth day: A Plastic Age

Earth day was celebrated all over the world on April 22. Its April 23 here now where I am writing this from. But reading earth day tips motivated me to write about a cause I feel passionate about.


I’ve been watching some documentaries about the damage plastic is causing to our planet. I will not write about them but I’m going to share a documentary. Click here to watch it(I have also shared it at the end of this post so you can watch it after reading the whole post).

Now plastic is destroying our oceans, our soils, our climate, our health. everything. I am perfectly aware that we live in a third world country and have more important issues to care about. Like current affairs and the result of Panama cases and everything. But hey! shouldn’t saving our planet be on our priority lists? We are living here. Our children are going to live here.

And while its really difficult to eliminate plastic for our lives. We can take tiny steps to minimize its use.

I’ll list just two tips here:

  1. Keeping some grocery bags in your car so you could use them to carry stuff when you buy something from the store.
  2.  Buy your own reusable water bottle instead of using disposable water bottles/glasses in the office/university/anywhere instead of using a new glass or bottle and throwing it away every time you finish it.

These tips feel stupid. You’re probably thinking, “yeah I’m not going to do that”. Trust me when I say it that this is the least we can do to help our planet sustain itself and to save our own lives and the coming generations.

Let me introduce you to the concept of zero waste lifestyle. While its incredibly hard to perfect, It’s food for thought and something worth striving for.

This is the documentary i mentioned earlier:

Let’s stop living mindlessly. Let’s save our planet.


A world of isolated reactions!!

They say that it is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so deeply. I wonder if it is more of a blessing or a curse than feeling nothing at all in certain situations. I wonder if feeling is more human or not feeling makes me more human.

It’s like seeing a familiar face in a crowd and wondering if it is who you think it is. A familiar face. The laughs you once shared. Only to to find out that you suffer from shortsightedness. The person you thought was there was another person after all.

I like to think I am in control. I have control over my feelings. I have control over my reactions. I have control over my thoughts.

And then there comes a moment when you start second guessing yourself. Its like a rolling stone that does gather moss. The moment turns into hours, hours turn into days and days turn into weeks.


If I ever figure out a name for this post…

I haven’t been writing on this blog from ages. I honestly can’t tell why but I think I can sort of tell too. I restrict myself. An inner dialogue. Write every week. Write about makeup. Write one or twice a month. You don’t have to restrict yourself to makeup. It’s honestly not about the lack of new topics or ideas to write about. Its about this inner dialogue that I end up writing all together. I sometimes ask myself if this is me doubting myself or fearing people’s judgement? I don’t know. I just know that writing is something i honestly love and this blog is something I really love.

I recently came across this post on tumblr:Screenshot (161)

And i felt like I could relate to it so well. I miss reading books and no matter how much I try reading books now, it’s just not the same. I wonder why. I used to be the person who bought books to read for fun when I was done with any kind of academic exams. I feel like blaming my phone for this. Is it the reason my attention span is like goldfish’s memory now? the constant scrolling?

I still have a few books on my shelf which I bought just to remind myself that I am a person who loves books and I DO love books. It’s just that I don;t read many now. I don’t know if this will work but I have a few books that i haven’t read and I’m forcing myself to read a few pages daily. Because yes, I miss what it is like to get lost in the written word.

Some of the books still lying unread on my shelf are Casual Vacancy by J.K Rowling, Divergent, Blink, First things first, Girl boss and How to make Friends and influence people. I don’t think I’ll read all of them. But i have started reading How to make friends and influence people. I love Dale Carnegie’s work so I think this book is a good start.

Think I should go read it now. Thanks for stopping by.

Acne Patches..

So I want to share a product that I found really useful ever since i found out about it. I was watching some random night routine videos on YouTube when a youtuber mentioned that she used acne patches on her acne when she got home from work/school to help her skin heal quickly and keep it from scarring. The product immediately caught my attention. These acne patches are easily available in pharmacies and  big supermarkets in Pakistan now.


The acne patches I used. 24 in a pack in 3 different sizes as shown on the cover of the pack.

My main worry whenever i get a zit or pimple on my face is the scar it leaves behind. Continue reading

November thoughts

I didn’t post anything on my blog this weekend. A lot has been on my mind lately and I’m still trying to figure out some stuff. I am wondering if I should continue my blog and try to write one post a week or just opt for a blogging hiatus for a while.

I am pondering over these decisions while i can sense the vibrations of heavy machinery coming from the ground from some distance away. A lot of people are hard at work after midnight working day and night to build the road . Its one of the busiest roads in my city. Let’s get on with the blog post.

Continue reading

Bom dia!!

Tiptoeing my way into the blogging world.

I haven’t even really decided what this blog is going to be about. I guess i’ll post about whatever i find interesting and that i want to blog about.

I have tried some blogging on tumblr but wordpress is new for me. I am building up this blog and would love suggestions by you guys about what to post in my FAQ section.

I am planning to do some product reviews in the start.

hope you guys like it 🙂